My BOOK ,"THE ABSURDITY OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS & RACISM" is available as an eBook for only $2.99 and also comes in a paperback version for $6.29. The book is about the absurdity of political correctness, and how something that was designed to prevent discrimination, oppression and abuse is getting so out of hand that it is endangering the very existence of the U.S. and other first world nations.

     When the majority of people hear the word racist or racism it is most often associated with the white population. Needless to say this is because to the history of whites and their past treatment of other races. Most notoriously how the Nazis treated the Jews and the use of slaves in the America's.

      However, racism has taken on a new face in recent decades and my book goes beyond political correctness and looks at the world and the people in it honestly and without the veil of political correctness that hides that truth. An example is how Europe, The USA, Canada and Australia are being overrun by immigrants who refuse to assimilate and detest the indigenous population, their language, culture, customs and religion. Are the citizens who object to this unarmed, and sometimes armed invasion racist?

     This is an honest and radical topic that most tread lightly upon or ignore and avoid altogether for fear of repercussions. Both those in agreement and disagreement will find something in this book that reflects their point of view. Although, this book is objective and tolerant towards everyone, things will be said that most are afraid to say even though they know in their hearts that it is true, because of the fear of being labeled a racist in a time of black U. S. Presidents and extreme political correctness!

     My name is Liam Wolford and I am the author and host of Politically Thank you for visiting my website!

     I will be covering a host of politically absurd issues and social ills that plague our nation and the world. From Racism, The Population Explosion, The Environment, Greed, The Economy and everything in between!

     My goal in writing this book is to bring social awareness to some serious issues that are seemingly overlooked by many, and to point out how ridiculously absurd we have become. Not just humorously absurd, but dangerously absurd!

     After the housing crises of 2008 I became passionate and more aware of how fragile our economy and the world is, and how utterly STUPID mankind can be at times! The unprecedented explosion in population cannot be sustained, our environment is being destroyed, racial and social issues plague us daily, and political correctness is becoming absolutely absurd!

     In 2008 I suffered all of the typical problems which the recession has brought to many Americans and the world. I lost over 50% of my income, which resulted in the loss of my home, a home where my wife and I thought we were doing everything right, i.e. a large down payment of nearly $100,000 (all gone) and a 5% fixed rate mortgage. This resulted in the loss of my marriage as the stress mounted. Yet, I am just one example out of the millions who lost a home, career, marriage and had their family torn apart, because of the greed and bad decision making of a few.

     The sad thing is that I could see this catastrophe coming as far back as 2003, when I worked  as a Real Estate broker for Coldwell Banker, and some of the other issues which I will discuss, have been obvious to me throughout my life. But what can one individual do about it?

     The banks, big corporations and the governments must know what they are doing, right?


     This MAJOR housing crisis could have been easily avoided, which made me realize that many of the other obvious and solvable problems are probably being ignored as well!

     As unrealistic as the chances are of bringing enough social awareness to these issues to change the destructive path we are on, and the catastrophe we are almost certainly destined for, I felt that I had the responsibility as a member of the human race to present my ideas and possible solutions. In this way I can at least feel that I have done something with-in my limited capabilities to make a change, instead of just sitting back and watching the catastrophe unfold before my eyes!

     Some of the world’s MAJOR problems are so basic and solvable that it is absolutely ABSURD that they continue to exist at all, given the high level of intelligence of the human race!


     We put a man on the moon, sent several space craft to Mars, developed the Hovel Telescope which can look light years into our universe, developed computers, smaller than a pen, found a way to split an atom, build nuclear reactors and hydrogen bombs, we can preform heart transplants, brain surgery and clone animals, and  have done many more amazing things! I have no doubt that we have the intelligence to colonize and create an atmosphere on Mars or one of the moons in our solar system too, yet for some unexplainable reason we CANNOT seem to get along with each other or preserve and manage the one perfectly, beautiful planet that we already occupy?!

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